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About Us

Established in 1817, the St Andrews Fire Department is committed to the safety of our community.  As dedicated Fire/Rescue Volunteers, we aim to provide the public with a rapid response to fire suppression, rescues and assist with medical emergencies to the best of our abilities. We are a small composite fire department in Southwestern New Brunswick. We have one full time Member (Chief), and 30 paid on-call volunteers. We run out of one station, with a fleet of two pumpers, a pumper/tanker, mini-rescue, 4x4 utility truck, a rescue side by side four wheeler and a 14 ft. Zodiac. The department averages 80 -100 calls per year. Our coverage area includes the Town of Saint Andrews, Local Service Districts of Bayside and Chamcook, and the Parish of St. Patrick.

Chief Kevin Theriault

St. Andrews Fire Department Fleet

St. Andrews Fire Department FACTS:

  • On March 22, 1817, the St. Andrews Fire Department and the Fredericton Fire Department received permission from the House of Assembly to establish Firewards in the town.

  • Fireward (Fire Wardens) - carried an 8 foot long red staff and a white speaking trumpet (you can find 2 of these at the St. Andrews Fire Hall). They would be in charge of inspections and organizing fire suppression in town.

  • Feb 1, 1820 - a letter was sent to the House of Assembly to advise we had Firewards in place, and had purchased two fire engines, as well had two companies of firefighters in place.

  • Aug 1, 1820 - from the Herald, it was reported of a fire on the Brig Robert at McMasters wharf, the Firewards, Military, and inhabitants fought the fire.

  • April 5, 1828 - from the House of Assembly, and act repealing the act of 1817, replacing it with a new act regarding Firewards and given a 5 year time frame for the town.

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